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A bet against the spread is a type of wager that requires bettors to correctly guess the margin of victory in a football game rather than simply selecting the outright winner.


Using Super Bowl LVI as an example, in order to win a bet against the spread, bettors wagering on the Rams would need them to win by 5 or more points, whereas bettors wagering on the Bengals would need the team to win outright or lose by 4 points or less. The Rams won the game 23-20, which means that they would not have covered the spread in this case.

NFL Standings Against the Spread

Monitoring team performance against the spread is a great way to make more educated NFL bets throughout the year. Identifying trends for specific teams can enable you to know when to pick, or to avoid, a particular spread bet based on in-season data. 

The table above shows each team’s record against the spread for the 2021-22 regular season. Filter by league, conference, or division to get an in-depth look at each team. You can also sort the data by clicking on the table headers.

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