DraftKings is a heavyweight sportsbook with a sleek mobile interface, new live betting offerings, and industry-leading sign-up promotions for sports bettors. Learn more about DraftKings promo codes, online bonus offers, and why DraftKings is The Action Network's preferred book.

Promo Codes & Bonus Offers

$100 Free Bet + $1,000 Deposit Bonus
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Action's Preferred Sportsbook
$100 Free Bet + $1,000 Deposit Bonus
Claim Now
1st deposit matched w/ free bet up to $100
All users also receive $1,000 deposit bonus
Action Network exclusive; New users only
Get a $1,000 Deposit Bonus
Claim Now
Bonus = 20% of first deposit match
Max bonus is $1,000
Action's Preferred Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportbook Review Chart


DraftKings Sportsbook has the sleekest mobile app among all the available betting options in the United States. It also has some of the most diverse offerings for bettors, including flash bets--a new live betting product allowing users to place in-game wagers between points in a given match. DK offers strong sign-up promotions and the best bonus codes, odds boosts for games daily, parlay insurance, and other ongoing rewards. DraftKings is a high-quality app and sports bettor experience--which is why DraftKings is The Action Network's Preferred Sportsbook.

DraftKings Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses & Promos from DraftKings - 4.5 / 5 Stars

DraftKings has pretty standard sign-up bonuses, but it stands out with one-off promos on certain events. For example, DK will give you 30% boosts on one bet per golf tournament, a few dollars per 3-pointer made if you make an NBA bet, and plenty more. They’re creative, easy to opt into, and usually free money. While sign-up bonuses are significant, users only get to access them once. Continually offering promotions to existing users is a great way to keep them engaged and happy. Read More

Mobile App & Website

DraftKings: Sports Betting Mobile App - 4.5 / 5 Stars

DraftKings’ app is user-friendly and relatively fast, but it can get a little busy with all the promotions and bet types offered. We found it easier to navigate on a desktop. The app is structured straightforwardly, making it easy to find what you’re looking for--something we can’t say about most U.S. sportsbooks. Read More

Registering & Cashiering at DraftKings

DraftKings: Registering & Cashiering - 5.0 / 5 Stars

We didn’t have any issues depositing and withdrawing money on DraftKings. Deposits through your bank account, credit card, or PayPal are seamless, and cash will be back in your account in a day or two after withdrawing. DraftKings is a trusted, reliable sportsbook for registering & cashiering. You'll be able to sign up and get in on the action faster than many other books. Read More

Betting Options

DraftKings: Betting Options - 4.5 / 5 Stars

In a world where sportsbooks simply copy and paste odds from each other, DK is doing its best to stand out. They’ve been first to market in the United States on some NFL props, college football futures, and golf matchups. DraftKings is still behind the offshore leaders, but it’s clear the company has the vision and resources to offer its own markets. Read More

DraftKings vs Other Sportsbooks

DraftKings: Competitor Comparison - 5.0 / 5 Stars

There’s a reason DraftKings has scooped up so much market share in New Jersey and beyond in the early days of legal U.S. sports betting. It offers a superior product to most of its competitors in the two most significant areas -- mobile application, and bet types offered. Most sports bettors care about these two things: “Can I bet on everything I want at a fair price?” and “Will I have an easy time executing my bet?” DK does both well. Read More

DraftKings Bonuses & Promotions

No matter your level of expertise, sports betting can be a challenge to profit from. Savvy bettors take advantage of high-value sign-up offers, promotions, codes, and daily boosts to find +EV (expected value) opportunities--an area DraftKings excels. Because of their massive user base and appetite for acquiring new customers, DraftKings offers some of the most competitive ways to boost your betting bankroll from their sign up offers, ongoing bonuses, and loyalty promotions.

Deposit bonuses vary in their amounts awarded to customers, and DraftKings' is definitely on the high side: They're giving a $1,000 deposit bonus to all first-time depositers.

The deposit bonus is pretty simple: They'll match 20% of your first deposit up to $1,000.

  • In order to get the full $1,000, you must deposit $5,000 when signing up. Note that the minimum deposit to qualify for this 20% deposit bonus is $5, but you'll want to make sure you take full advantage the first time you credit your DraftKings account.
  • No promo code is needed to redeem this exclusive $1,000 sign-up bonus.

DraftKings is absolutely one of the best books in the industry and an easy choice for a new bettor, especially given their awesome app and overall user-friendly experience.

Claim $1,000 in Bonuses
DraftKings is The Action Network's Official Preferred Sportsbook.

Mobile App & Website

All in all, DraftKings gives users a robust mobile app that does core things well for any new or experienced sports bettor. 

Web Experience

DraftKings has one of the most user-friendly desktop and mobile sites as well. Their website has easy-to-use navigation, so you can quickly find a sport and bet you’re looking for. They routinely highlight their boosters and promos on the front page, so they are easy to find.

The site also organizes bets well, which is an essential factor when you start using a sportsbook often. Here’s an example of golf odds and their navigation:

Many other books will list bets on a single page, so you have to sort through various markets, including outrights, matchups, and more. Further, almost all other books will have different pages or tables for a golfer’s odds to win, top-five and top-10. As you can see above, DraftKings lists them all in a single table, so it’s straightforward to find bets you want to make.

Registering & Cashiering at DraftKings

Legal U.S. sportsbooks haven’t had the most straightforward time with registrations and deposits due to state-by-state restrictions. FanDuel and William Hill, for example, make some users purchase an E-Credit of sorts, which can be flagged by your bank as fraudulent.

DraftKings isn’t perfect on this front, but it’s among the best in the sports betting industry. Depositing is seamless, and payouts are reasonably quick — in the dozen payout requests we filed in our app testing for this review, each came in below a three-day window. 

Payout Speed

One of the most significant advantages of betting legally with sportsbooks like DraftKings is worry-free payouts. You know you’ll get any money owed returned, and your bankroll funds are secured because sportsbooks like DraftKings are required to set up a liability fund that operates separately from their expenses. This way, no matter the business outcomes DraftKings are experiencing, your money is secure. Offshore books cannot promise the same security.

DraftKings has every payout and deposit option in the book, including:

  • Bank account
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Prepaid DraftKings card (Play+)
  • PayPal
  • Casino cage
  • E-Check

Spending Controls

Most legal sportsbooks have self-imposed limiting controls in place, and DraftKings is no different. These are effective ways to stop yourself from betting too much if it’s becoming a problem or to be proactive about setting healthy limits for yourself. We recommend configuring whatever set up helps you maintain responsible limits and educating yourself. The controls DK offers include: 

  • Player Limits: Limit your deposits by day, week, or month of the year.
  • Self Exclusion: Ban yourself from using the app for a set period.
  • Cool Off: Prevent yourself from depositing or placing bets for a set period while still accessing the app.

In addition to the DraftKings-provided resources, The Action Network has developed bankroll management educational materials to help ensure bettors have fun and establish sustainable behavior.

Get $1,000 in bonuses from DraftKings.
Claim $1,000 in Bonuses
Action's Preferred Sportsbook.

Betting Options

DraftKings is a market leader in setting odds and offering unique bets. They are often first-to-market - including on NFL props, CFB futures, and matchups for golf. Of legal options, they're leading the way. There are many other leagues available within each sport, too. On a given week, DraftKings will offer outright odds and breadth of different markets on the PGA Tour, Euro Tour, and Korn Ferry Tour.

Bet types available

DraftKings is among the leaders in the U.S. for original bet types. You can find a bevy of player props available for football, matchups for golf, finishing position markets for NASCAR, and much more that you can’t find anywhere else in the U.S.

That’s in addition to all the popular, standard bets you can get at any sportsbook — point spreads, totals, moneyline, first half derivatives, etc. These include:

  • Spreads
  • Moneylines
  • Totals
  • First half
  • Second half
  • Player props
  • Futures

Sports Markets Offered

In general, DraftKings offers about the broadest range of bet types you’ll find in any U.S. sportsbook. For example, they’re one of the only books to offer odds on golfers to make or miss the cut, which is based on finishing position and known as "Head to heads." They also typically provide the most player props for NFL, NBA, and other major sports.

  • Boxing
  • College Basketball
  • College Football
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Formula 1
  • Golf
  • Indy Car
  • MLB
  • MMA
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Other Available DK Markets
    There are tons of other leagues available within each sport, too. On a given week, DraftKings will offer outright odds and plenty of other markets on the PGA Tour, Euro Tour and Korn Ferry Tour.

    DraftKings vs Other Sportsbooks

    While sign-up offers, promos, and user experience are crucial factors in selecting a sportsbook, the most sophisticated bettors are often worried about the price. We can compare books in this regard a couple of ways:

    • Juice: Also referred to as the “vig,” this is the tax a sportsbook charges for a bet. The standard odds for a spread bet is -110, which means you have to pay $110 to win $10. That extra $10 is the tax.
    • Hold: Similar to juice, the hold is defined as the percentage a sportsbook keeps for every dollar wagered. It’s a better metric to measure for moneylines, for example.

    Most online U.S. books -- in states where betting is entirely online and not regulated by the state lottery, at least -- have standard juice on your typical bets. Take, for example, the juice on spread bets for the NFL. There’s no significant difference between sportsbooks: It is common to get -110 on both sides for both the spread and the over/under.

    In terms of hold on moneylines, here’s how DraftKings has compared with other U.S. books in the past. DraftKings, on average, has been the highest of the most critical U.S. books. While that may not matter for a more recreational bettor who wagers every once in a while, that extra vig can add up over time.

    All in all, DraftKings is comparable to the other U.S. online sportsbooks in the juice for the most popular bets, notably spread and totals, and it’s on the higher end for moneyline wagers, outright bets, etc.

    Of course, it also depends on the sport. Golf is an example where you can often find superior odds at DraftKings compared to other big books like BetMGM and FanDuel.

    It also depends on the market for each book. For example, DraftKings offers -110 sides on most head-to-head matchup props for golf, whereas BetMGM offers -118 on such bets.

    Whereas DraftKings may charge a little more on major sports for moneylines, they are more standard across the board, which can allow bettors of more niche sports to find value. They also often offer a more comprehensive range of bets than other U.S. books.

    DraftKings Review

    DraftKings is a heavyweight sportsbook with a sleek mobile interface, new live betting offerings, and industry-leading sign up promotions for sports bettors. Learn more about DraftKings promo codes, online bonus offers, and why DraftKings is The Action Network's preferred book with a stunning 9.7/10 rating.

    DraftKings Sportsbook Review Chart
    Mobile App
    Registering & Cashiering
    Bonuses & Promotions
    Bet Type Offering
    Live Betting

    DraftKings Sportsbook has the sleekest app among all the available mobile betting options in the United States. It also has some of the most diverse offerings for bettors, including flash bets--a new live betting product allowing users to place in-game wagers between points in a given match. DK offers healthy sign-up promotions and the best bonus codes, odds boosts for games daily, parlay insurance, and other ongoing rewards. DraftKings is most definitely legitimate and not a scam, as it is required to follow the rules and regulations set forth by each state in which it operates.

    Sports you can bet at DraftKings

    In addition to pregame bets, DraftKings also offers live wagering on many of the sports listed.


    College Football
    College Basketball
    NHL + other hockey leagues
    Motor Racing
    Cricket, CFL and more

    Registering at DraftKings

    DraftKings' registration process is as seamless as you'll see for a sportsbook.

    Creating An Account Requires

    First Name
    Last Name
    Date of Birth
    Cell Phone Number
    Last 4 of SSN

    Making Deposits at DraftKings

    DraftKings gives users a number of ways to deposit funds.

    Deposit Options

    Online Banking
    Wire transfer

    Making Withdrawals at DraftKings

    How to take money out of your DraftKings account.

    Withdrawal Options

    ACH (eCheck)

    DraftKings Sportsbook: More information

    DraftKings Sportsbook Benefits

    Risk Free Bets at DraftKings Sportsbook

    DraftKings Sportsbook offers a risk-free bet worth up to $500 for first-time users through their sign-up bonus, meaning the bet would be fully refunded in the form of free bets if it loses.

    Let’s say your first bet is $500 on the Packers as 4-point road favorites against the Bears. If Green Bay fails to cover the spread in Chicago, you would be refunded the full $500 in the form of free bets, hence eliminating the “risk” in risk-free.

    Daily Odds Boosts at DraftKings

    DraftKings Sportsbooks offers daily odds boosts for the biggest sports. Odds boosts are enhanced odds for a given outcome that thus enhance potential winnings.

    Live Betting At DraftKings Sportsbook

    DraftKings Sportsbook does offer live sports betting. You can find those in-game odds here.

    DraftKings Sportsbook also has a Flash Bet feature through which you can live bet play-by-play action on football, basketball, baseball and tennis.

    Refunds For Scoreless EPL Matches At DraftKings Sportsbook

    DraftKings Sportsbook has a “No Goals No Problem” promotion in which the book will refund bets up to $25 if an English Premier League match ends in a 0-0 draw.

    Parlay Insurance At DraftKings Sportsbook

    DraftKings Sportsbook offers parlay insurance up to $25 if you ever suffer the ultimate heartbreak of having only one leg of your parlay lose.

    Here’s an example of when the DraftKing Sportsbook parlay insurance would come in handy: Say you bet $100 on a three-team parlay with the Dodgers +100, Red Sox +120 and Cubs +200. If the Dodgers and Red Sox win, but the Cubs lose, you would get back $25.

    DraftKings Sportsbook Customer Service

    You can reach the DraftKings Sportsbook customer service team through this page, where you can either send a message or live chat with a representative. They’re available 24/7.

    You can also reach DraftKings Sportsbook customer service via email at support@draftkings.com.

    More Reading on DraftKings

    DraftKings Responsible Gaming Resources

    DraftKings has brought on an Academic Executive advisor to encourage responsible gaming practices as the sportsbook grows, as well as built-in product features to allow users to set and fine-tune healthy boundaries for themselves:

    • Deposit Limits DraftKings lets users set a cap on the amount of money they can deposit into their accounts. 
    • Spending Limits Another control DraftKings provides is spending limits for a specified time frame while playing.
    • Time Limits Alternatively, you can set parameters on session duration to control the amount of gaming time. 

    Informed Onboarding & Bettor Education

    Quick Start For Sports Bettors Guide. DraftKings offers a ‘Quick Start Guide’ that covers fundamental betting basics for their users: understanding odds, placing a bet, live betting, and a rich glossary resource of betting terminology and (e.g., American Odds, bet slip, etc.) and sporting terminology (e.g., Ace, buzzer-beater, etc.)  as it relates to their app.

    They also offer more in-depth, sport-specific guides with tips and insights for each:

    Additionally, if DraftKing had outlined sport-by-sport rules, users have questions.

    Security Practices

    To help protect sportsbook users, Draftkings has opt-in “strong authentication” that triggers a text message containing a temporary six-digit code that must be entered on any login attempt.


    DraftKings VIP Program is a by-invitation-only initiative that rewards loyal sports bettors. VIPs have reported an alternate (re: extra-responsive) email address for support issues, offers to exclusive freerolls, and sometimes, even real-time sporting event invitations.


    League Partnerships


    DraftKings was initially founded in 2012 by Jason Robins (now CEO), Paul Liberman (COO) and Matt Kalish (CRO) in Boston, Massachusetts, as a daily fantasy sports site and provider. In just two short years, they were the second-largest DFS operator in the market.

    With that large user-base, the company was primed to jump into the sports betting scene when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018, allowing individual states to legalize and regular sports betting.

    DraftKings jumped into the sports betting waters, launching its first online sportsbook in New Jersey in August 2018. Since then, the company has launched in West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado and Illinois. They also have retail-only casino locations in New York and Mississippi, although online betting is not yet allowed in those two states.

    In April 2020, DraftKings became a publicly-traded company; it can be found on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol “DKNG.” The company was valued at $3.3 billion when it went public, and as of August 2020 it’s up over $31 a share after opening at $20.49 in April.

    DraftKings, which is still headquartered in Boston, Mass., is now one of the biggest gaming companies in the U.S. They’ve launched books in every state where online betting is currently legal, and they will likely be one of the first to launch when every other subsequent states comes online.

    DraftKings Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best DraftKings Sportsbook promo code?

    The best DraftKings Sportsbook promo doesn’t require a code — all you need to do to redeem the $1,000 sign-up bonus exclusive to Action Network users is click this link. 

    The deposit bonus is a 20% match worth up to $1,000. So if you deposit $100, you would earn a $20 bonus. To earn the max $1,000 bonus, you would have to deposit $5,000. Again, no promo code is needed to redeem this exclusive $1,000 sign-up bonus.

    If I live in Iowa, how do I complete my account verification at DraftKings Sportsbook?

    If you live in Iowa, you have to complete your account verification at one of the following three retail locations:

    • Wild Rose Clinton in Clinton, IA
    • Wild Rose Emmetsburg in Emmetsburg, IA
    • Wild Rose Jefferson in Jefferson, IA

    How do I download the DraftKings Sportsbook app?

    Like we mentioned above, DraftKings Sportsbook will match 20% of a first-time user’s deposit up to $1,000. Here are some specific examples: A $100 deposit would earn a $20 bonus A $500 deposit would earn a $100 bonus. A $5,000 deposit would earn a max $1,000 bonus. All you have to do to redeem this deposit bonus is click here.

    Why does DraftKings Sportsbook need my social security number?

    DraftKings Sportsbook is legal in the following states (as of February 2021): 

    Mobile sports betting is legal and available on DraftKings Sportsbook in all 11 of those states. DraftKings Sportsbook also has retail sports betting locations in the following two states, which have not legalized mobile sports betting:

    New York: Del Lago Resort in Waterloo, NY

    Mississippi: Scarlet Pearl Casino in D’Iberville, MS

    How do you place a bet at DraftKings Sportsbook?

    You place a bet at DraftKings Sportsbook by finding the odds for the event and outcome you would like to bet on, then clicking on it to add it your bet slip. Once you’ve added it to your bet slip, you can specify whether you want it to be a single bet, parlay or round robin. You then enter the amount you would like to bet and select “place bet.” You can place a bet only if you already have a DraftKings Sportsbook account.

    What is an odds boost at DraftKings Sportsbook?

    An odds boost at DraftKings Sportsbooks means the book has enhanced the odds of a given outcome, thus enhancing your potential winnings.

    Here’s a quick example: If LeBron James is listed at +200 odds to record a triple-double against the Clippers, a $100 bet would profit $200. But if DraftKings boosts LeBron’s triple-double odds from +200 to +250, that same $100 bet would profit $250.

    Basically, boosted odds lead to a higher payout for the same result.

    Can I link my DraftKings Daily Fantasy and DraftKings Sportsbook accounts?

    Can I transfer money from my DraftKings Daily Fantasy account to my DraftKings Sportsbook account?

    Yes, you can transfer money from your DraftKings Daily Fantasy account to your DraftKings Sportsbook account — but only winnings. Basically, you can’t just deposit $100 to your DFS account then transfer it or access it through your sportsbook account without first using it to play in DFS contests.

    Why can’t I bet in a state that allows DFS?

    You may not be able to bet on sports in a state that allows DFS because the legislation is not the same — the legalization of DFS does not mean the legalization of sports betting.

    How do I make a deposit at DraftKings Sportsbook?

    You can make a deposit at DraftKings Sportsbook with various payment methods, including:

    • Debit cards
    • Credit cards
    • Wire transfer
    • Paypal

    How do I withdraw DraftKings Sportsbook payouts?

    You can withdraw DraftKings Sportsbook payouts via the following options:

    • ACH
    • Check
    • Paypal
    • Casino cage

    Is DraftKings Sportsbook legit?

    Yes, DraftKings Sportsbook is legit. Since it is legally operated in the states that allow sports betting, you don’t have to worry about being scammed as it is regulated and must pay out all winning bets.

    Can you bet parlays at DraftKings Sportsbook?

    Yes, you can bet parlays at DraftKings Sportsbook by linking one bet to two or more. If every bet in a parlay wins, then you earn a higher payout than if you would have placed them as single bets.

    Here’s a quick example: If you bet $75 on a three-team parlay featuring the Lakers +100, Bucks +200 and Raptors +250 — and all three teams win — you would net $1,500 rather than the $137.5 you would have netted if you had made $25 single bets on all three teams.

    You can calculate potential parlay payouts using our calculator.

    How do you bet a teaser on DraftKings Sportsbook?

    You bet a teaser on DraftKings Sportsbook by parlaying multiple point spreads or totals in which the lines are each teased down in exchange for a lower payout. You can tease only football, basketball, or football and basketball lines at DraftKings Sportsbook.

    What is a free bet on DraftKings Sportsbook?

    A free bet at DraftKings Sportsbooks means you can place a bet at the book’s expense. So for example, if you place a $25 free bet on the Patriots as a -300 moneyline favorite against the Jets and the payout is $100, you would receive the $75 profit if it wins without risking your own $25.

    What is the max bet on DraftKings Sportsbook?

    The max bet on DraftKings Sportsbook varies. They can limit bet amounts by user and for other reasons at their own discretion.

    DraftKings Sportsbook does have standardized limits for net payouts by sport, meaning that excluding the amount wagered, you cannot profit more than the following amounts:

    • NFL: $1 million
    • MLB: $1 million
    • NBA: $1 million
    • NHL: $250,000
    • College football: $250,000
    • College basketball: $250,000

    Find the DraftKings Sportsbook potential payout limits for every sport here.

    Can I cancel bets on DraftKings Sportsbook?

    You cannot cancel bets on DraftKings Sportsbook once they have been placed and accepted.

    The Action Network Staff is a group of seasoned, passionate bettors that are always invested in finding the best action and odds around.