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MLB Futures Odds & Betting

A MLB "futures" bet is a wager on an event where the outcome will be determined much later in a given MLB season--beyond just the current day or week. Popular MLB futures center around results like betting on a team to make the playoffs, win their respective division and/or league, or to win the World Series. Other common MLB futures bets include correctly picking individual players to receive accolades like the AL or NL Most Valuable Player awards and Cy Young awards. If the selected team or player wins the event on which the wager was placed, the bettor wins their bet.

Understanding MLB Futures Odds and Payouts

Futures odds are associated with bigger payouts since the outcomes are much more difficult to predict than a single game bet. As such a wide range of odds from anything like +250 to +1100 are not uncommon. Due to the inherently difficult nature of futures betting, bettors can expect “plus-money” options at the beginning of a season, even when betting on favorites. Futures are available across the entire season with changing odds based on team performance.

2022 MLB World Series Odds

The Fall Classic between the American League and National League pennant winners gives us the finale we're all looking for at the end of the baseball season. After a spring and summer filled with 162 games for each team, followed by a postseason battle that's left us with the final two standing teams, all comes down to this seven-game series for The Commissioner's Trophy. Who will raise it this year? Get World Series Title odds here and place your bets.

2022 MLB Regular Season Win Totals Odds

Every team comes into the start of the regular season with the goal of winning the World Series. In order to do that, though, they must first win enough games to make the playoffs. This is where MLB win totals odds come into play for futures bettors. Oddsmakers set a line for each team on the number of games they are predicted to win. Bettors are given the option to either bet over/under that predicted win total. Team win totals and their associated moneylines are updated throughout the season. With 162 games to play, are you ready to make your bet?

2022 American League Odds

Jump Ahead to American League Divisions: East | Central | West

Once a league dominated by the New York Yankees, the AL has seen some new representatives over the last decade and change. The Bronx Bombers haven't made the World Series since 2009, while the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox have repped the AL multiple times since then. The defending champion Astros are the favorites yet again, but the Yanks, Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox are right on their tails.

MLB AL Pennant Winners Odds are as close as ever as we -- hopefully -- approach the start of the season in the next few months.

2022 AL East Odds

Jump To: Baltimore Orioles | Boston Red Sox | New York Yankees | Tampa Bay Rays | Toronto Blue Jays

One of the more stacked divisions in the league right now, there's really a few great options to go with. There's the up and coming Toronto Blue Jays, who are led by some young stars. You can go with the Boston Red Sox or Tampa Bay Rays, who've had the hot hand in the division over the last five years. Or maybe you want to go with the old faithful New York Yankees. Basically...any pick here that's not the Baltimore Orioles has a shot (sorry O's fans).

Check out the most recent MLB AL East Odds to side with a favorite or go for a long-shot pick.

2022 AL Central Odds

Jump To: Chicago White Sox | Cleveland Guardians | Detroit Tigers | Kansas City Royals | Minnesota Twins

We're getting some new blood in this division this year with the arrival of the new look Cleveland club. The former Indians turned Guardians are looking to make a splash in their "inaugural" season, but the Chicago White Sox are certainly standing in their way. Meanwhile the rest of the division has some catching up to do. 

MLB AL Central Odds gives you a chance to make a pick and cash in on an exciting divisional title race.

2022 AL West Odds

Jump To: Houston Astros | Los Angeles Angels | Oakland Athletics | Seattle Mariners | Texas Rangers

The Houston Astros don't always win the AL West despite their eventual entrance and success in the playoffs. The Oakland A's took it from them in 2020's shortened season and have given them a run for their money in other years in the last half decade. The Seattle Mariners are an emerging ball club, while the Los Angeles Angels have two of the biggest stars in the sport at the moment.

The MLB AL West Odds favor the Houston Astros, but it could be a tighter race than you think.

2022 National League Odds

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Last year saw the end of a three-year reign by the Los Angeles Dodgers thanks to the Atlanta Braves, who knocked them out in the NLCS. While LA is the favorite yet again this season, their loss of Max Scherzer was the New York Mets' to gain, with the ace packing his bags for The Big Apple and making Citi Field the home to title contenders.

 MLB NL Pennant Winner Odds is your place to decide who will get to take one side of the next World Series matchup.

2022 NL East Odds

Jump To: Atlanta Braves | Miami Marlins | New York Mets | Philadelphia Phillies | Washington Nationals

The NL East currently has the reigning World Series Champions in the Atlanta Braves, the reigning NL MVP in Philadelphia Phillies OF Bryce Harper, the 2020 Champion Washington Nationals, and now two of the best pitchers in the league in New York Mets aces (yes plural) Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer. This has potential to be the best division in all of baseball.

MLB NL East Odds could get tight, so get to studying and make the right pick.

2022 NL Central Odds

Jump To: Chicago Cubs | Cincinnati Reds | Milwaukee Brewers | Pittsburgh Pirates | St. Louis Cardinals

The Chicago Cubs cleaned house and shipped all of their stars out of town last season as they enter a rebuild, meaning there's one less competitor for the Milwaukee Brewers -- for now. The St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds have an outside shot of contending, while the Pittsburgh Pirates have a lot of catching up to do. 

MLB NL Central Odds are tight and could arguably be the toughest Division to call in 2022.

2022 NL West Odds

Jump To: Arizona Diamondbacks | Colorado Rockies | Los Angeles Dodgers | San Diego Padres | San Francisco Giants

The NL West contenders all currently reside in the state of California, with the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres sitting with not only the best rosters in the division, but also the best odds to win it. The top of the division will likely be another tight race that'll come down to the wire in last September or even early October.

MLB NL West Odds could help you choose which California team you like to win the division this year...or go with an outside shot choice instead.

2022 AL and NL MVP

MLB is the only one of the big American sports that splits their awards down the middle between the two leagues. But like all leagues, the AL and NL MVP's are given to the players considered the "most valuable" to their team in a given season. Stats and significant moments play a huge role in the MVP award, while team record and performance isn't really looked at considering how much of a team sport baseball is.

Shohei Ohtani and Bryce Harper are the reigning MVP's in the AL and NL...check out our AL MVP Odds and NL MVP Odds to decide who will be next.

2022 AL and NL Cy Young

One of the more unique awards in sports, the AL and NL Cy Young awards are given to the pitchers who are considered to have had the best seasons. Named after Hall of Famer Cy Young, the award combines ERA, strikeouts, longevity and more to determine who deserves the highest honor as a ball-thrower.

AL Cy Young Odds and NL Cy Young Odds should be out soon, so get to work on picking the right pitcher and cash in you bet.

    2022 AL and NL Rookie of the Year

    With 30 teams across both leagues, we're (more or less) looking at up to 30 potential star rookies that put themselves on the map each season. The different between this rookie award and others is that players can get their feet wet in a previous season and play some major league games before playing their first full season and will still be eligible for the honor -- just ask last year's AL ROY Randy Arozarena. 

    AL Rookie of the Year Odds and NL Rookie of the Year Odds should help you make the right pick.

    Betting on MLB Futures

    After a long regular season and the grueling MLB Postseason, only two teams remain to face-off in the World Series. Once the Series match-up is set, oddsmakers will set what is known as American Odds on the championship series. At this point, these are no longer future odds as the main event is near. For an event this major, the odds have a name: the World Series Odds Series Price, using American Odds.

    For additional resources, check out our betting calculators. But here are the fast facts on odd types and how to bet on the World Series.

    What are American Odds?

    American Odds are the default odds used by U.S. sportsbooks. The odds are based on winning $100 for a given bet on either the Favorite or the Underdog.  A Favorite will have a minus (-) sign next to the odds and represents the money you need to risk to win $100. An Underdog will have a plus (+) sign in front and represents the money you can win for every $100 risked. So, if you're betting on the Astros at -140 against the Braves, that means Houston is a slight favorite. You need to risk $140 to win $100 on the Astros. If they win, you profit $100 and get your original $140 back.

    What are Decimal Odds?

    Beyond the U.S., most of the world uses Decimal Odds, in part because it’s easier to convert them to implied probabilities. Decimal odds represent the amount you win for every $1 wagered. The number represents the total return, not just the profit (this is different from American and fractional odds).

     What are Fractional Odds?

    Fractional Odds are used primarily in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Few bettors use fractional odds for betting sports other than horse racing, because the conversions to understand a return are challenging. To calculate winnings on fractional odds, multiply your bet by the top number (the numerator), then divide the result by the bottom number (the denominator). 

    Where can I bet on the World Series?

    MLB Fans will benefit from taking advantage of "free bet" promotions and more across sportsbooks when betting MLB futures. These are the books with sign up offers and our review insights into the books themselves: DraftKings Promo Code | FanDuel Promo Code  | Caesars Sportsbook |  Pointsbet Promo Code | BetMGM Bonus Code

    MORE INFO: Find out additional details, promo codes, and rankings of the best sports betting sites.

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