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Tanner McGrath
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College basketball, College Football, MLB, Big Ten basketball junkie, Boston Red Sox aficionado, staunch defender of the New England Patriots, Die-hard Vermont Catamounts fan
College Basketball, College Football, and MLB Contributor
9 years
The general New England area


Tanner joined The Action Network to cover college basketball and baseball. He currently works for several sports gambling outlets, but has past journalism experience in Canadian collegiate sports, finance, and economics. He has an obsession with Big Ten basketball, betting the Miami Marlins, and sweating out home underdogs.


Tanner joined The Action Network in late 2020 after almost a year of hounding the site's senior editors. Eventually, he was allowed to join the team as both a college basketball and baseball contributor At age 16, Tanner placed a seven-team baseball parlay at an offshore book. The $10 play turned into $500, but more importantly, started a lifelong passion and career. He wrote about finance and economics at McGill University and then Canadian collegiate football while pursuing a Masters of Journalism at the University of British Columbia. But on the side, he started writing for two small sports gambling sites and his own blog. As his writing improved and his betting analysis became more sharp, he managed to work his way up the ladder. Writing for The Action Network has always been a dream of Tanner's, and he's grateful for the opportunity.


Tanner graduated from McGill University, in Montréal QC, with a double-major in Economics and English. He was a Division-I athlete (in Canada) in Alpine Ski Racing and was the editor of his paper's Finance and Economics section.

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Betting Highlights
Favorite Bet of All-Time
I live-bet the Patriots ML when they were down 21-3 at halftime in Super Bowl LI. Nobody is a bigger Tom Brady believer than me.
Most Heartbreaking Bet
I had the Patriots as the last leg of a five-team teaser when the Miami Miracle happened. Thankfully, the only result was the Dolphins dropped down a few spots in next year's draft.
  • College basketball
  • College Football
  • MLB
  • Big Ten basketball junkie
  • Boston Red Sox aficionado
  • staunch defender of the New England Patriots
  • Die-hard Vermont Catamounts fan