Michael Fiddle

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Michael Fiddle
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Freelance NBA & NFL Writer
12 years


Michael Fiddle is a contributor to The Action Network's NBA and NFL verticals. He has over a decade of experience as a high-level bettor, including time spent working for sharp groups and betting syndicates. Before focusing on sports betting, Fiddle worked for the Brooklyn Nets, New York Islanders, New York Yankees and Bloomberg LP. His experience in sports and finance allowed for a seamless transition to the betting space.

Fiddle also hosts The Advantage Sports Betting Podcast, where he dives deep into NBA gambling game lines and breaks down betting strategies.


Fiddle is entrenched in the NBA gambling scene -- he knows the value weight of each number, outcome frequencies of spreads and totals and he understands schedule nuances and travel implications going between different cities. He has created multiple formulas and betting systems to enhance his handicapping skills.

Fiddle is best known for the "Fiddle Middle," where he can spot a volatile line and track the market to play the best number on both sides. One of his staple formulas is the "Math of Middling" approach, where he can quantify the different edges in opening a middle vs riding a +CLV/EV ticket. 


Fiddle graduated from New York University. 

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