John Feltman

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John Feltman
281 Posts
College Sports & MLB Staff Writer
12 years
Long Island, New York


John Feltman is a college football and college basketball writer for The Action Network. He is also a middle school ELA teacher, plaguing his students' minds with the world of sports.


Feltman -- AKA "John from Long Island" -- has been yelling through radio airwaves for over a decade, calling into local stations to voice his boisterous opinions. He was a longtime avid listener of the Action Network's podcasts, especially BBOC, calling in almost every week to discuss the recent highs and lows.

He often uses his free periods at school to write and handicap the week's games. Feltman is also a movie junkie, reader and poker player, but most of all, he is a Dallas Cowboys fan. He has not missed a televised game since he was 10 years old. 


Feltman graduated from the University of Tampa with a BA in Journalism. He got his Master's in English Education from the University of Florida.

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